Walter Benjamin

Work on good prose has three steps: a musical stage when it is composed, an architectonic one when it is built, and a textile one when it is woven.

We are the leading Home Textile solution providers, steered by a robust team of 20,000 people. Our strong presence in Bed, Bath, and Flooring makes us the No.1 choice at homes in over 50 countries, partnering with top global retailers. At Kurapati Textile Mill, we have a keen understanding of consumer preferences, driven by a strategy based on Branding, Innovation, and Sustainability, along with a sustained focus on the Indian market. 

We weave comfort with art at our design studios in India; backed with strong consumer research. Our industry-defining and multi-level traceability system enables consumers to trace back a finished product to its raw material source. We exist to give people the power to re-imagine their living spaces, effortlessly. Our design sensitivity, keen innovation, and market expertise continues to enhance comfort, spread warmth, and enrich lives

To learn more you can visit www.kurapatitextilemill.com

Kurapati Textile Mill Towels  focuses mainly on giving you the utmost comfort and care. 

  • Bath towel: Bath towels are one of the most important products used for personal hygiene. While they are smaller than bath sheets, they are large enough to help you dry after a shower. We offer luxurious bath towels that are soft, super absorbent, and plush.
  • Face towel: The skin on our face is a lot more fragile than our body. That is why the face needs a good quality towel that is plusher and softer. Face towels are usually smaller in size and can be easily carried. However, in spite of being compact, these towels are equally absorbent and even softer than the earlier two. In addition to that, these can be carried around in your bag or even in coat pockets.
  • Hand towels:Hand towels are used for drying off face and hands. They are specifically used for drying off your hands and face after washing them. Hand towels are usually made of pure cotton and have smooth finish. We offer best quality hand towels for your face and hands.
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